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services details

By keeping your cooking equipment clean you reduce the possibility of fire and maintain your kitchen to public monitored health regulations. Cleaning Boutique LLC will provide the following services by either pressure washing or manually removing grease from the general cooking area and equipment.

Cleaning Boutique LLC will:
Move cooking equipment (where possible) and clean the backsplash from the floor up behind the cooking equipment.
Remove all cooking racks from the ovens and pressure wash.
Clean the top, back and all sides of cooking equipment.
The consequences of having a less then superior clean Restaurant can be devastating in more than one way. If the strict health code standards regarding cleanliness are not upheld, the establishment could face fines or even closure.

services details

Restaurant cleanliness is extremely important

Maintaining the cleanliness is more important than with other types of facilities because it’s a place where customers visit and spend time every day.

services details

Control and monitoring of bacteria and viruses

We include control and monitoring of bacteria and viruses in all of our cleaning and disinfecting (program daily, weekly and monthly).

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